I’m an artist living a most lucky life. My influences are color theory, animation, and fashion. I strive for original designs and my highest quality art. My favorite details are the tiniest details. I value researching the subject before confidently approaching it.

I design, draw, paint, airbrush, sew, sculpt and craft.

My goal is to become an Engineer specializing in plastic mold injection and release my own toy line. I’m overly obsessed with display foods and video games. Have a look at my About page for some of my FAQ (frequently asked questions). If you have a question or suggestion you can submit a form at the Contact page.


Popular Articles

Puchi Preservation Project
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The Puchi Preservation Project was founded to preserve the Blythe customization information from PuchiCollective.com, Melissa Cabral, and other authors that donated their time to Puchi Collective. You can visit each tutorial individually or download the .zip containing all 21 tutorials. After... Read More

Monster High repaint help
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I sketch numerous concepts before I touch a doll, my confidence comes with planning. This is a Monster High Twyla (13 Wishes) repaint. My first color mingling session is all about figuring out her natural palette. We’ve got greens,... Read More

Monster High head and hair removal help
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This Monster High doll is having her hair re-rooted. Tie off the hair, you’ll want to cut the hair to closest the scalp possible. The closer you cut and the more careful you are, the less time you spend... Read More

How to make a doll wig cap (DIY)
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DIY doll wig cap tutorial by: AshGUTZ.com inspired by fantasydollsbyd.com. I’m creating a 23CM Obitsu doll’s wig cap. The custom Lagoona Blue (displayed upper right) I created utilized this technique after reading the extensive wig making tutorial posted by... Read More